What You Mean To Me


What You Mean To Me is a novel from the perspective of River Rhyme, a twenty-something stallion native to Trottingham who is down on his luck, looking to escape his hectic life and find some peace in quiet in the small town of Ponyville.

Rhyme did not take into consideration the presence of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

When the CMC take a liking to Rhyme for having something unexpected in common, Rhyme finds the fillies attached to him at the hip, and quickly grows to like them. But, for a certain orange pegasus, the bond might be stronger than most would expect, or deem okay.

A slice-of-life romance story that takes place over the course of five years, each chapter is meant to represent a moment in these character’s lives that slowly brings them closer together. Thematically, the story attempts to challenge the perceptions of normative relationships.

You can read What You Mean To Me on FimFiction.



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