FiMpressions: A Bird in the Hoof

An episode that finally breaks the trend of a static Fluttershy, ignoring her normal timid nature, and instead showing her in her element, caring for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, strong elements of generic slapstick comedy keep this episode from soaring as high as it otherwise could.

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FiMpressions: Feeling Pinkie Keen

Feeling Pinkie Keen is an episode that is a lot of fun, with some great back and forth between Pinkie and Twilight. Unfortunately, the moral of the episode was handled in a way that made it easy to misinterpret, and as a result, hampers the strengths of this episode.

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FiMpressions: Boast Busters

Despite some weird behavior from our Mane cast, Boast Busters is a really fun episode, introducing oneof the best side characters the series has produced, and shows us a new side to Twilight that we hadn’t yet been aware of.

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