FiMpressions: A Bird in the Hoof

An episode that finally breaks the trend of a static Fluttershy, ignoring her normal timid nature, and instead showing her in her element, caring for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, strong elements of generic slapstick comedy keep this episode from soaring as high as it otherwise could.

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What’s Wrong With the Nightmare Moon Arc?

My Little Pony is a great show. Really, it is. But this is a show that excels in it’s characterization, sharp dialog, and simple, slice of life concepts.

Excelling as an adventure series? …not so much…
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Defending Celestia and Luna’s Ascension

The Ruling Sister’s seem to have initially have been convinced to have been born alicorns. However, Lauren’s original vision has changed since her departure. As a result, changes to the underlying lore may make Celestia and Luna born alicorns cause some thematic damage to Twilight, and by extension, Cadence.

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