FiMpressions: Too Many Pinkie Pies

A real breath of fresh air after the lackluster Season 3 opener. Too Many Pinkie Pies has a lot of great gags worthy of its titular character, with just one, nit-picky oddity.

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FiMpressions: A Bird in the Hoof

An episode that finally breaks the trend of a static Fluttershy, ignoring her normal timid nature, and instead showing her in her element, caring for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, strong elements of generic slapstick comedy keep this episode from soaring as high as it otherwise could.

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FiMpressions: The Stare Master

The first true appearance of the CMC, where we get to catcha glimpse of their group dynamic. Also, we get to see more of Fluttershy, but, unfortunately, her appearances begin to feel a bit repetitive at this point, which is made even worse when you consider this episode was a great opportunity to take her development in a different direction.

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