FiMpressions: The Showstoppers

The Showstoppers is the CMC’s first dedicated episode, and is our first true glance at the goals and ambitions of these characters, and we learn a lot about them.

Perhaps too much.

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FiMpressions: The Stare Master

The first true appearance of the CMC, where we get to catcha glimpse of their group dynamic. Also, we get to see more of Fluttershy, but, unfortunately, her appearances begin to feel a bit repetitive at this point, which is made even worse when you consider this episode was a great opportunity to take her development in a different direction.

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FiMpressions: Call of the Cutie

The first episode starring Apple Bloom, Call of the Cutie is a great episode with a strong anti-bullying message, as well as one that expresses that self-discovery is an organic process that cannot be rushed, and to enjoy the moment as opposed to stress over the future.

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