This is something I’ve long held off on. However, due to my current situation, and a surprising amount of desire and support from you guys, I’m finally adding some donation options for those of you that appreciate my work, and feel it is something worth paying for. The fact that you’re even visiting this page is more humbling than I can express.

Anyways, I have a few different donation options. Dunno how long they’ll stick around, but I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from you guys, so I decided to adopt the Day9 method of donations after someone brought it up to me.

The Tip Jar is essentially a one-time donation of any value you want. If you liked a particular chapter of a fic, or piece of artwork, or YouTube video, and wanted to throw me a few bucks, this is where to do it. Also, if you want to donate a large fixed amount (O///O;), then this is where to do that as well.

This is where we get into the Day9 concepts. in addition to a basic donation option, Day9 also has subscription donations. Essentially, this is a recurring payment that happens once a month. If you’d like to continually help me keep my content going long term, this is how to do it. Obviously, this can be cancelled at any time via your Paypal account if you suddenly start hating me or something xP

Same as above, just with a $5 monthly payment instead of $2.

Thank you again for your kindness and hospitality in light of my…less than ideal situation. I will continue to make the best content that I can for all of you. ❤