Defending Celestia and Luna’s Ascension

The Ruling Sister’s seem to have initially have been convinced to have been born alicorns. However, Lauren’s original vision has changed since her departure. As a result, changes to the underlying lore may make Celestia and Luna born alicorns cause some thematic damage to Twilight, and by extension, Cadence.


One thought on “Defending Celestia and Luna’s Ascension

  1. I have to agree with you on this, even though I liked the born Alicorn idea a bit more for multiple reasons. I suppose if you really wanted to delve into the stuff, you could argue Luna looked younger after her Nightmare Moon form got totaled, in the same way that Cadence looked like a teenager in the flashback before she became an alicorn as well. So in that way, it matches up with whatever the theory is. I like the idea of student ascending to something greater, though (and this is probably messed up of me) At the same time, I hate the idea of changing that dynamic, moving on….-Insert harsh realities of life and growing up here- v.v sorry, not to be a downer, but I love mlp for so many things, one of them being how fun it is, without looking too cliché or unrealistic, yet also keeping those themes while being about candy colored ponies. ^^ It draws you in. here’s hoping the expanding lore in the next season will clear things up. Also sorry for rambling, first time posting on your blog here :< also Sorry about your problems on Youtube.

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