Thoughts on the Season 4 SDCC Animatics

Season 4 is looking to far more ambitious in scope that Season 3, delving into a lot more interesting concepts, many of which we have been waiting to hear about for a long time now.


81 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Season 4 SDCC Animatics

  1. I am shipping Bronycurious and AntonyC so hard. They are the best pair, shame its so hard for them to work together considering they live on opposite ends of the world

  2. As a female with a physical handicap, I never had a female handicapped character to look up too within mass media as a child (Toph from Avatar was not within my childhood, even though she is great.) Most of the time handicapped characters are male anyways. It would be great to have a handicapped character that is so accepted within ponyville, that being handicapped is a normal aspect within the world, a natural aspect even. Having a female handicapped character would help some little girl out there feel like she belongs.

    Yup. Love the review

  3. Great analysis vid! You’ve noticed and brought up things that I (and the bronies whose reactions and discussions I’ve been reading) missed completely. The bit about Twilight being in the body of past Celestia makes so much sense now that you’ve pointed it out that I’m wondering why nobody’s realized it already.

    I have a couple points I think you should consider.

    I don’t think literally everypony looks at Scootaloo as disabled. I think that’s just an exaggeration that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are using to play into the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ insecurities. It’s as if to say, “Not only is one of you a pegasus who’s still flightless at a ridiculously late age, but you’re so stupid that you haven’t even noticed that everyone around knows there’s something wrong with her.”

    The second clip seems to be Spike’s comics brought to life by a spell or dream or something. The city is probably fictional-within-fictional and possibly set in the future. It seems to be based on Interbellum Futurist architecture, which in the real world was an idealistic vision of social harmony through technological progress. That seems to add credence to the idea that this setting is imaginary and greatly different from anything in “real” Equestria.

  4. After watching that first clip I really really want to punch Diamond Tiara in the face or have Gilad just drop her in mid air and let here fall

    • Hay bro, she is a little girl ! (a filly) who is probably just bullying them to make her self feel better about her self. I would be willing to bet that her father is her only garden and that he spends next to no time with her.
      Not to mention My head-cannon is that diamond tiara and silver soon ether don’t know what there special talent’s are, or thy don’t like what thy are. If this is true then thy pick on the “blank flanks” so thy can tell them selves, at least I have a cutie mare.

      my point is that there is always a reason why bullies become bullies. Do you remember babs seed? More importantly,expressing a desire to hurt or kill a little girl (real or imagined) is NOT acceptable behavior in real life or over the internet.
      Where supposed to be better than that. I Know you are better than that.

      • I prefer the idea that they more attack Apple Bloom and anyone Apple Bloom is close to as collateral damage due to personal reasons, and the Blank Flank thing is just Apple Bloom’s biggest wonk issue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them harass any of the other Blank Flanks like they do Apple Bloom’s friends (Dinky got bodychecked for her newspaper, not her Blank Flank), they sided with Babs when she turned on Apple Bloom and Co., Diamond Tiara is seen getting a Hearts and Hooves Day card from Alula with Silver Spoon smiling at this despite Alula being a Blank Flank in that scene, and they were dismissive of Apple Bloom’s Cutie Mark when she got hers in Cutie Pox.

        As for why…

        There could be a multitude of reasons, but my preferred one is that she got so fed up with Apple Bloom’s tendency to be a walking disaster area and her inability to learn from those experiences to stop being a walking disaster area that DT just snapped and just started trying to hurt AB by any means possible.

  5. Awesome little geek out lol after watching that first clip I really really want to punch Diamond Tiara in the face or have Gilad just drop her in mid air and let here fall. Love that song and I love to get more insight into the history of Equestria

  6. Now when it comes to that PowerRangers style pony clip, I liked it. And NO that was NOT Luna! Stop thinking every female antagonist is a different form of my precious Luna!
    For that last clip, I LOVE the fact Luna is given the spotlight again for an ep. But the second I saw what was coming my heart just dropped. It’s awesome how we may get to see this first coming of NightmareMoon! But being a LUNA lover, I don’t think my heart can take the pain and sadness that well surly flood it in seeing her at her breaking point. (low key) I was feelin some tears build up at the sight of her fearful face. (not easy to do) Darn you fanfics, putting these thoughts in my head!
    One last thing, is this just me or is this the first time we got the FULL brunt of AJ’s and AB’s voices? “Raise this barn” just didn’t do it for me.(OMG! That AppleBloom part!)

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