Wonderbolt Academy

This may be Rainbow Dash’s best episode, transcending even Sonic Rainboom in terms of developing her character. Lightning Dust is a great foil, and provides a terrific tangible representation of what Dash could be if she took her arrogance too far.


One thought on “Wonderbolt Academy

  1. Your 2nd and 4th criticism is valid, though I disagree with 1 and have a rational explanation for 3.

    It’s entirely possible Spitfire DID recognize Rainbow Dash, but when you’re drilling recruits, you don’t say “Oh hey, it’s Bob! Look here everyone, Bob is awesome!”
    You go hard on all of them, make them all equal.

    And as for 3, I was under the impression that rounding up the cloud concentrated the moisture in it to the point where it was a solid entity, at least temporarily. Hence why it disappeared as soon as Rainbow Dash stopped holding it together, because it was compressed and was released when the pressure holding it together ceased

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